Profile - Jackie Greenwood (Blowout Sax Bristol)

Jackie has been playing the saxophone since she was 24 years old. She learnt the old-fashioned way by reading music and doing classical grades before her teacher introduced her to jazz. She then decided to go and study music at Dartington College of Arts in Devon where she discovered more about jazz and contemporary music. After struggling for many years to throw the music away (and finally succeeding!), she met Mark and discovered the Blowout Sax method. Originally asking Mark for advice on teaching, she was delighted to be offered a place on the Blowout team!

Jackie successes in recent years have included setting up and running her first band (Machuki); playing and singing at jazz jam sessions; setting up new jam sessions and putting together her first gigging jazz line-ups under the name ‘Guapos’.

Jackie joined the Blowout Sax School in 2003 and taught for a year before taking maternity leave. Her biggest disappointment during this break was missing the Big Blowout World Record event on 21st May 2004 as she was in labour at the time… (her son was born on the 22nd!) The Blowout team made sure to let her know that the record had been broken though with a wonderful phone message straight to the delivery room! She rejoined Blowout in 2008 and is currently teaching from a Bristol-based Studio.

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