Stan's Kit

Stan plays a Joe Lovano model Borgani Tenor which he calls 'The Duchess'.
Borgani saxophones are produced by Orfeo Borgani and his small enthusiastic group of instrument artificers in Northern Italy in a family firm that has been in business for over 135 years.
She has a pearl-silver finish and 24k gold keys. The Duchess has a slightly larger bore than your average tenor which gives her a tone of marked warmth and depth. She has the voice of a beautiful and sophisticated woman of mature years. She is not a young musician's playmate. Borgani saxophones are played by Tim Garland, Art Themen, Pietro Tonolo, Joe Lovano and some other discriminating players. In the UK they are solely available through Allegro Music of Oxford.
Stan has only two mouthpieces - a hand-made ebonite Morgan 7M and a 7* Metal Otto Link. The Morgan has a glorious richness of tone and is the preferred choice for acoustic and intimate venues when all the shading of its character is audible. The Otto Link has more 'focus' and more 'top' and is the preferred choice in funk and similar genres.
Stan uses two brands of reeds - Marca Jazz 2.5/3 and Alexander D.C. 2.5/3. Both of these brands are produced from cane grown the Var region of southern France. Cane from the Var is the champagne of reed materials. Such reeds have a full depth of response and wide spectrum of tone.





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