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Stan makes lessons easy and fun yet always gives a fresh insight into playing and improvising - Mike G

Having always enjoyed listening to music, especially jazz, I was delighted when my wife gave me a birthday present of gift vouchers for saxophone lessons at Blow Out. I was in my mid-fifties - many would think it late to take up playing an instrument and rather worried about going along to claim my present. Mark was great saying 'no problem you've not played an instrument before - there's just all the more music in your head wanting to get out.' He suggested Stan Scott as my teacher and we hit it off straight away. Five years later I am so grateful for that birthday present! I look forward to my lessons (every two or three weeks). Stan explains what is going on in the music without over-doing the theory. With the benefit of lessons arranged around my musical tastes I enjoy practice. The lessons are a mixture of working through new pieces and playing along, trying to emulate Stan's expert sounds. - Richard H





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