Craig the Specialist

Craig is also our Soprano specialist and here is his write up on the joys and tribulations of the Soprano Sax

Playing Soprano Sax can be like owning a Vintage British sports car. Some days you drive it and it's amazing and other days it's just not right! I play on a Yamaha YSS-475. They are about 1,000 new. I think soprano is not a good instrument to go cheap on. I have had students who have bought really cheap sopranos and they have been ok but my experience isn't the same. I bought one new for 350 years ago and it just started falling apart. They are expensive to mend as the keys are tightly put together and it takes loads of man hours taking them apart and putting them back together again

I also think the soprano is best played with an ebonite mouthpiece. The standard Yamaha mouthpieces aren't bad but probably not loud enough. I have tried loads of metal ones with soprano. Otto Link metal, Lawton, Berg Larsen etc. and have ended up on an ebonite Otto Link 6* and am relatively happy with that.

If you get it right the rewards can be amazing!





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